Make An Outstanding Essay: Top 20 Cool Essay Titles To Choose From

Developing essay topics that are fun and interesting can prove to be challenging. As a student you need to acquire good writing skills while at the same time enjoying your assignments. This will drive you to work hard at all stages. Here we list some of interesting, thought provoking and inspirational topics you can write on. You can also use them to create your own variation.

  1. Given the chance, how would you modify the school year? Is a long summer break a better option while sacrificing a Saturday throughout the year?

  2. If you were tasked to organize an annual goofing off day competition in campus between the teachers and administration, who would you root for?

  3. If you were given the chance to delete a single rule, which one would it be? What repercussions or benefits would the deletion cause?

  4. What role ought to be played by students in deciding the lunch menu? Should they also be given the right o choose what goes out of the vending machine?

  5. If you were given the opportunity to substitute three academic subjects, which ones would you pick and why?

  6. If you were tasked with selecting a school mascot that represented the school spirit and character, what would you choose?

  7. Which would you prefer and why: shorter days but longer school week or longer days with shorter school weeks?

  8. What part of your campus culture would you change and do you think the change would be resisted?

  9. If you can introduce a new fun and social event to the school year, what would that what new social event would you introduce to your campus? Do you think it would be received well?

  10. What changes would you make to the student government body? Would you take up the leading role and also powers to veto?

  11. Why is obesity rapidly increasing among the Americans?

  12. In what ways can children be assisted in maintaining heathy weight?

  13. Is hunting as a sport beneficial or harmful to the environment?

  14. Should rhinos have their horns removed to curb poaching?

  15. Should schools obligate students to carry refillable water/beverage containers for as opposed to using disposable ones?

  16. Should charges be put on plastic bags by supermarkets to encourage the use of totes?

  17. What is your understanding of helicopter parenting and how is it harmful or beneficial to children?

  18. Are digital books better study tools for students as opposed to using paper, books, and pens?

  19. If technology can help people live longer should it be utilized? What is the balance between quality and quantity of life?

  20. Do romantic movies raise unrealistic expectations that damage real relationships?

These topics are a great guide and you can play around with them to come up with your own interesting essay title. You can also opt to combine two topics in the aforementioned list to give your essay more depth.